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With our commercial and industrial waste removal services we can plan your regular services through our waste department, on regular collection services, to one off jobs. The trucks weigh your waste so we can monitor your loads and ensure you on the best plan for your waste removal, for warehouse, factory, offices, shops, strata, hotels for all your commercial and industrial sites throughout Sydney.


General waste charges for land fill will only rise over the coming years as the levy is set by the government, it’s the biggest avenue for a client to make savings in by allowing us to come and audit your waste needs and providing other alternatives.

We can also provide bulk waste removal for body corporate, commercial and industrial sites, and all principle places of business Let us come in, load up and go, or we can provide you the skip, or bins of all sizes for you to load and we come can collect on set service dates.


By adding in recycling services not only are you helping the environment, and reducing your carbon foot print you can also reduce your overall waste charges, as its not going to land fill, so the saving made far outweigh, the space the bin uses. We have shown our clients time and again to.


We can provide site specific needs, you may want to do a major office clean out, and move to a more paperless operation, we can have staff on hand to help swap over your bins and monitor the separation, we set you collection points throughout, funneling the various waste streams as required throughout your building, to mains collection points. We can install a complete waste stream system that fits your needs.


Technology is outpacing us so fast that its now created E-waste streams dedicated to recycling and removing the hazardous martials within these products from land fill. We can provide a single service or regular waste collection services for all your electronic waste. So for all our electrical and battery operated obsolete goods that have heavy metals, glass and plastics as the main components that can be recovered, placing the smallest amounts back into land fill.


We can provide medical waste bins, as well as sharps containers and removal services, we have all sizes to fit your needs. We also register your site for you for your medical waste services.


Industrial waste streams are set up throughout the site by providing multiple locations over large sites to single point collections. We can provide metal waste collection, liquid waste, you may have large volumes of paper waste so a baler would fit you best, the options are endless as with Industrial waste its dependent on what waste your generating. We have solutions to fit any situation.

Security Documents

Royce provides lockable document destruction bins services, these are security bins, and once locked can only be unlocked upon arrival at the document destruction site. We can do single collections or regular services on your frequency.



Bins and Containers

There is a bin size to fit all your needs, on any frequency you need to fit you on your commercial waste needs.

  • Front Lift Containers (1.5m³ to 6.0m³
  • Front Lift Recycling Cages (m3 – 1.5, 3.0, 4.5 & 6.0)
  • Tippler Bins (m3 – 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 & 3.0)
  • Rear Lift Containers (Liters – 660L to 1100L)
  • Two Wheels Bins (60L through to 360L)
  • Skips (m3 – all sizes)
  • Liquid Waste Containers (Sizes as Required or pump outs)

Special Needs

  • Nappy Disposal Units
  • Sanitary Disposal Units
  • Incontinence Disposal Units

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