Concrete Grinding & Polishing

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Traffic over time can show up on your concrete surfaces, so cutting back, resealing and polishing the floors can bring your floors back to enjoy again for years to come. This includes terrazzo floor polishing, marble floor and natural stone polishing.

We can grind back your concrete floors and seal them to protect the floor, as concrete is a porous surface, and as such needs to be protected or you will have unsightly staining that can’t be removed. Or you may like the patina of an old polished concrete, that’s showing its age so needs to be re-polished to bring back its shine. We do require 3 phase power, but can bring our own generators if this is not available on your site. 



Concrete Sealers

There are a number of sealers to suit your budget and the type of finish your looking for. 

  1. The cheapest is and Acrylic sealer it’s a thin coating on the surface providing some protection, and is the budget solution but not the most long lasting of all the sealants available. 
  2. Sealers that are penetrative sealers are the great to help protect the concrete from moisture as they soak into the pours of the concrete creating a protective barrier and leaves the floor in a matte natural finish.
  3. High durable polyurethane sealants place a coating over the surface providing some protection against scuff marks and staining, and can be used indoors our out, and can be applied on stamped concrete and stained. The finish depending on how many layers can be from low shine to high, its up to you.
  4. Epoxy Resins are the most durable sealant, creating a highly protective film on the concrete surface, and is used indoors, this treatment does trap moisture in the concrete once laid. It is the most effective when used for work shop area, labs, even kitchen floors and cool room floors as the barrier achieve is the best of all the sealants available, however its also the longest process
  5. Concrete Flack Flooring is a great solution for high traffic area, even garages, its an epoxy, however the flacks come in a variety of colours, and styles. The final coat is a polyurethane sealer. This provides a long lasting and a better anti-slip flooring to all the other floor sealers and epoxy resins. 
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