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Commercial Pest Control in Sydney by Licensed Pest Exterminators

Royce provides a wide range of pest control services, for all commercial pest control, industrial pest control and strata pest control for your high rise complex in Sydney. Professional licensed pest controllers can service your site on a planned program, or single for emergency pest control.

  • Ant Pest Control – Ants are made up of colonies, with workers, soldiers and the queens, you tend to see the ant residue is footpaths that look like sand has come up between the cracks. Ants are the hardest to remove and require an external spray barrier treatment, plus treatment of any nest areas under pavers, under timber, in wall cavities, in garden beds and an internal bait treatments to combat the problem.
  • Bee & Wasp Pest Control – Bees are like ants in that the are a colony and have a queen. Bees only become an issue when the queens swarm leaving the hive. It can become dangerous when the swap is finding a nest close to your building or in some cases in crevasses within your building, invading your walls. Wasp nests you normally find under eaves and guttering, and can see them flying in and out.
  • Bird Control – Birds require the installation of Pest Control & Vermin Eradication Systems, we can bird spike known roosting areas, or net off areas.
  • Cockroach Pest Control – Treatments for cockroaches is a multi-pronged attack to reduce the cockroaches with each consecutive visit, through dusting crevasses and cracks to get them out into the open killing and gels for around electricals and things that generates heat, and barrier sprays to stop them entering areas, we have a solution for everyone. German Cockroach’s as you know are the hardest to combat and multiple visits will be required, as we first need to kill what’s there, as due to the life cycle secondary treatments are a must.
  • Rodent Control – Rats and mice require control through baiting stations and traps. During your programmed commercial pest control service in Sydney, we check all traps and bait stations as part of our planned service.
  • Spider Pest Control – Spiders tend to appear more dormant in winter months as they like to retreat into the warmth, and lay eggs, then during the warmer months they are more active. Its always best to clean your facades prior to pest control, not after, so ensure your planned periodical cleaning services for window and faced cleaning are prior to your pest control otherwise your just washing away your treatments.
  • Termite Treatments and Removal – Commonly in Australia we know them as white ants. Treatments vary as its very much site dependent on the activity on the termites which needs to be inspected and treated. It can be a localised treatment to stop them entering an area or complete barrier protection, and spraying. Our technicians will report on the findings and speak to you on what’s required for your site.

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